One of the main reasons MSPs come to us is our ready-to-go reports. However, MSPs have different lines of business, use ConnectWise Manage differently, and have different levels of "data maturity". 

While your account is going through Provisioning we are getting all of the pieces connected so data can flow properly. Once Provisioning has completed your setup, your Account Manager will setup your First Onboarding Meeting. 

What's the purpose of the meeting?

Onboarding is critical so we can make sure the reports work for you. We have worked hard to build Cognition360 as flexible as possible for different types of data. In general, we try to shy away from giving you long "data cleanup" projects. Many times we can make edits on the Reporting side (so you don't need to hire a ConnectWise Manage data cleanup resource).

What will we accomplish?

In this meeting we will make sure you can: 
  1. Get into the Cognition360 app 
  2. Access your reports
  3. Make any business rule changes on the reporting side
  4. Go over the top reports and their usage
  5. Get an understanding of your business objectives and match those up with reports

Who should attend the first meeting?

Typically the owner(s) should attend along with any other C-level or major stakeholders within the company. We recommend bringing no more than 3 people - the less people the more effective.