Authored by Clive Trott

If you have ConnectWise Automate and would like to report on this within the Cognition360 environment

To allow Cognition360 to access your Automate data you need to implement a change in the configuration file for the Cognition360 windows service. 


Before you start you will need to know:

  • the Automate/LabTech MySQL server name

  • the Automate/LabTech database name

  • a user account (username and password) within the MySQL server that has read access to the database.

You will need to update the config file in the Cognition360 windows service folder. The file can be found in the installation folder that was used when the C360 service was first installed. Within this folder there will be a file called CognitionBIT.Windows.Service.Base.exe.config, open this file with notepad.


Within the configuration file locate the connectionString section, this will contain one connection string for the CWManage ConnectionString. To allow access to the Automate solution a second connection string needs to be added to this section, in the form of


<add name="CWAutomateConnectionString" connectionString="{ConnectionString}"/>.


The connection string for Automate should have the following format:


Server={mysqlservername};Database=labtech;Uid={username -admsqluser@mysqlserverdev};Pwd={Password};


Once added the connectionStrings section should look like:



    <add name="CWManageConnectionString" connectionString="{Filled in}" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

    <add name="CWAutomateConnectionString" connectionString="{ConnectionString}" />


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