Authored by Aaron Kennedy
Updated by Marnel Catlett, Adam Edwards

Discovery how to refresh your own reports if it looks like your data is out of date (stale)

Please note - All report examples are based on our Demo data.  Any similarities are purely coincidental.


How to tell if your schedule has gone 'stale'

  • As a function of PowerBI, if your reports go unused for more than ~30 days, Microsoft may stop updating them. In other words, if no one in your organization has looked at a report in that time, then Microsoft will stop updating the data in that report. You can still access it, but you may notice that the data is old. Cognition360 never stops uploading your data to Power BI so a refresh of the report will load current data. There are some other ways that you can confirm whether this is the case.
    • From within the workspace
      • When the reports are deployed and the Apps created, we create a refresh schedule, for your core reports, to ensure that your reports are ready for use.  If the schedule is disabled or 'stale', represented by a Red Error Triangle, then the next refresh from the red square will not show a date and time.  This is only relevant if the specific report is included in the App (Green Square) as we do not set the automatic refresh on reports that won't be accessed via the app.
      • From within the Settings Page
        • Click the Ellipses then select settings, and finally datasets.
  • From within the report - with a report open, on the center-Top there is a "Data updated" section.  This date will be old if your data is not refreshing. 

How to refresh my reports and/or automatic refresh schedules.

  • The quickest way to refresh both your reports and re-activate automatic refresh schedules is to click on the "Refresh now" option next to the dataset (From within the workspaces)
    • Once that is done, the report is in use again and Microsoft re-enables the automatic refresh.  If not used for ~30d days after this date it will have to be re-enabled by refreshing the data.

  • To manage all automatic schedules, you can let your Cognition360 Support team know which report you need to refresh automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. 
    • We can also add an email address for alert notification. This will email an alert if the dataset refresh fails or is about to go dormant. Let us know if you need this set up and for which reports. 

  • You can now click on other reports that you wish to update or simply navigate back to either the workspace or the App via the menu options or by clicking on the workspace name in the top left of the screen.  

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