Author:  Marnel Catlett

Info:  The installation process of the C360 Windows Service is straightforward and is seamless 99% of the time.  This article explains the various things that we find can go wrong and how you can deal with it.  In any event, please feel free to contact us at We would be more than happy to assist.

Please note - All report examples are based on our Demo data.  Any similarities are purely coincidental.

Connection errors and how to resolve each...


Step 1: Open a copy of the Log File and locate the reason for the error.

  • Find and open the Log File.
    • The log file is called: ‘CompleteLog.txt’ in the Logs folder. The Logs folder will be in the location where the software was installed.
  • Locate the reason for the error by searching for the word "Error".  Make sure to start searching at the top of the document or you may miss the instance (Search direction is set by default to "down")

Step 2: Once you know the Error Code

a)  For Error 156, State: 1, Class: 15 the issue.  


  • This happens when the Cognition360 account does not have the correct permissions to the database.  Please adjust the permissions to 'db reader' access to the ConnectWise Database.
  • You would need to stop, and then restart the service for the changes to take effect.

b)  For everything else, look up the error in the article named "Updating Config File" and follow the listed steps to resolve 

Step 3:  Save the Config File

From within whatever editor you used, save the Configuration file to the same location with the same name.  (Replace the original file) 

Step 4:  Stop the Service

Step 5:  Start the Service

Step 6:  Let us know and we will check if data is again flowing.



Step 7: Still stuck?  Please send us a copy of the log file at and if necessary we will set up a call to work through the issue or advise you by reply email. 

For queries, please contact