Author:  Aaron Kennedy / Clive Trott

In this article we answer some of the more common questions we get around our Security and Data policies and processes.


A typical question or statement is:  "I am curious what happens to our data once it leaves CW and gets ingested at Cognition360" our article How is security and encryption handled? explain this in detail.

We also cover all of the terms in our legal terms & documents, which can be found here: Documents : Cognition360, however, we understand that it's a lot of reading so we attempt to answer the most common questions here.  

In short, we’ve never had a customer unable to use Cognition360 because of a data/security concern. If you have specific requirements, or additional questions, please reach out to us at and we can setup a call with a technical representative from our side.


Question 1: Are we in our own tenant?

Question 2: What happens to our data after 21 days if we don’t proceed?

  • We have a robust administrative process to remove all data in line with our Privacy Policy.  Storing data means that we are incurring a cost, therefore this step is performed within hours of a notification to cancel.  

Question 3: Who has access to our data if we do continue?

  • Only the Cognition360 support team will have access to your data at a database level.  For report level access, this is shared by the support team and our Partner Success Manager who will be handling your onboarding and day to day questions.  

Question 4: Is it just us? 

  • See above, unless you signup for one of our partnerships (this is covered in the sub process agreement). By default, only C360 has access to this.

Question 5: Or do they harvest insights and other information as part of the EULA?  

  • See above

Question 6: What mechanism, protocols, and security guarantees do they make about our data? 

Question 7: Does all it get ingested or just some of it?

  • We do not ingest all your data but we bring in a good amount to ensure our solution gives you the most appropriate insights over a reasonable period of time.  We currently ingest about 5 years worth of data from core fields with an additional +/- 1 Year's worth of data for Service Audit.
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