Author:  Marnel Catlett

Info:  This article explains how to request changes to the boards available on reports for customer facing reports. This is for reports in the portal only and is only applicable to customer facing reports.

Please note - All images or report examples are based on our Demo data.  Any similarities are purely coincidental.


Step 1: Access Client token and Board Names by logging into the Portal.

Step 2: Download the data

  • Go to the Data Overview report.  This can be found under the Service Delivery Header. 
  • Open the Client & Boards report page at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click on the ellipses for the "all Boards" visualization.

  • Now select Export Data
  • Select the first option and then click on Export.

  • Open this newly created file (Typically from your downloads folder)
  • Update the information as obtained from the Data Overview report / Client & Boards (See below)

Step 3: Send it to us.

Finally, forward the spreadsheet to

  • If you want the selected boards to be hidden from all customers, indicate this under the company name as "All customers" (See line 1)
  • Please repeat the board key, board name and display name for each consecutive customer or list those customers with the boards you wish to hide from their reports.
  • Please ensure all companies named also have the Customer's key as found on the report.

Step 4: Other comments

  • To only allow some users access to a specific workspace, set toggle option for "All Usnew Dialog will display, allowing you to add individual users.  

For queries, please contact