This article explains how to change the date settings in my browser to display date formats as my regional date time format.

Date Settings in PowerBI Reports

  • All our reports use the PowerBI default date format. 
  • The PowerBI default date format is based on your browser's language settings and not your windows settings.
  • There is no restart required after the update.  Simply refresh the browser after changing the settings to see the values displayed as per your regional language chosen.
  • Please note:  The date in the heading will not update and we have not found a workaround for this.   It will not update to the local format like the rest of the data by performing the steps outlined below.  It is not part of the Power BI definition we publish. 



Adjusting the Language settings in your browser.

  • Open your browser settings and go to languages.
  •  Select your default language (in the first spot) - In our example we are using English (Australia) as our preferred language.

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Once the change is made, you can refresh your report and the date format will now display as dd/mm/yyyy.  


If this is changed to English (United states) then your reports are formatted as (m/dd/yyyy)  

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What if that doesn't work?

  • We recommend you contact your IT Department.  There is a registry update that can be used to update the settings and this is added below for ease of reference but should be completed by an administrator.
  • [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge] "ApplicationLocaleValue" = "en-AU"


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