Beta Portal - Phase II - Notification

Who is this for?

All our valued users who opted to test out the beta version of our Portal.

Beta Portal - Phase II Screenshot

What is happening to the Beta Portal?

The Portal Beta - Phase II is concluding as of August 1, 2023. While we won’t be continuing the Portal in its current form, we’ve gathered invaluable feedback that will shape the future of Cognition360. Please ensure you have stopped using this as it is not supported after the date above.

Why is the Beta Portal ending?

We embarked on this beta journey to learn more about your needs and how you use our platform. We’ve gained significant insights, discovered which insights are important to you, and what areas we thought you‘d like, but didn’t end up using. Now it’s time to utilize that knowledge to transform and enhance Cognition360.

I like some of the features the Beta Portal offered, can I keep using them?

We’re excited that we were able to make features that appealed to you. However, a lot of what we learned, is that the way we delivered these features to you won’t allow us to ensure that’s delivered in a consistent way. So for now, these features won’t be available for use. We’re still going to build these features into Cognition360, but need time to work  this into our roadmap.

How can I provide feedback or get answers to my questions?

Your Success Manager is here to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any queries or thoughts. Email